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I’m a journeyman beekeeper, certified permaculture designer, and an author. I’ve published a guide for freelance journalists and written for magazines like VEGETABLE GROWERS NEWS, PRODUCE BUSINESS, GRIT, TRIANGLE GARDENER, and more. On our five-acre homestead in North Carolina I raise chickens, quail, bees, and pigs. I practice no-till gardening, grow in a high tunnel, containers, and added an heirloom apple orchard and peach orchard. You’ll find a lot of updates on Instagram @taralynne0. Aside from food for us, I grow diverse forage for pollinators on our land. Beyond conserving existing species, I routinely add woodland botanicals, once-endangered plants like the Snowbank white blackberry, and resilient varieties such as the Dunstan chestnut.

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Tara Lynne

I’m a writer, beekeeper, homesteader, and permaculture practitioner in North Carolina.